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Princes of the North Wind in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival  

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2023 Titan Boat Cruise
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King Boreas is the
oldest of 5 brothers:

Boreas Rex - King of the Winds
Titan - Princes of the North Wind
Euros - Princes of the East Wind
Zephyrus - Princes of the West Wind
Notos - Prince of the South Wind

2023 Prince of the North Wind David Schmidt

Saint Paul Winter Carnival Legend
A long, long time ago, Astraios, the god of Starlight, and Eos, the goddess of the Rosy Fingered moon, were wed. The union was blessed with five sons: Boreas, Titan, Euros, Zephyrus and Notos. As the eldest, Boreas was granted the title of "King of the Winds."
As the "King of the Winds," Boreas assigned to each of his brothers a permanent grant of great force and power. To Titan, the second eldest brother, was assigned the blustery North Wind. To Euros was granted control of the irresponsible East Wind. To Zephyrus was given custody of the bountiful West Wind. To Notos was presented the balmy but unstable South Wind. The brothers cavorted gaily over land and sea.
Boreas, while on his extensive travels, came upon a winter paradise known as Minnesota. He paused to behold the enchanting beauty of a magnificent group of seven gently sloping hills in whose embrace nestled a beautiful city. Boreas whistled in sheer ecstasy, "Historic Saint Paul and her seven hills! An ideal place. I will make Saint Paul the capitol of all my domains. It will henceforth be emblazoned to the world as the winter playground of the Realm of Boreas."
Meanwhile, Vulcanus Rex, the god of Fire, and the implacable enemy of Boreas, crackled in defiant disdain. "By the great sword of Mars I will temper the blusterings of Boreas with the heat and roar of my forces." He was tireless in his bitter resistance to all the festivities of Boreas.
Undaunted, Boreas proclaimed a celebration in the spirit of gay Carnival. "So be it!" shouted Boreas, "There will be a Carnival in old Saint Paul!" Boreas selected a Prime Minister to coordinate preparations in all the Principalities, Provinces and Royal Houses within the realm of Saint Paul.
And so, for ten glorious days, there was Carnival and joyous celebration in St. Paul -- feasting, dancing, fun and frolic reigned over by Boreas and the Queen of Snows, the fairest maiden of the realm, along with the four Winds, who were each accompanied by a lovely Princess from the realm of Boreas. Klondike Kate, a lady of song and merriment, added her sassy but enchanting voice to the festivities by singing songs of desire and sentiment.
On the 10th day of celebration, Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe stormed the magnificent ice castle and confronted the King's Guard. Upon the good counsel of the Queen, Boreas bade farewell to the people of his winter capitol in the interest of peace and goodwill, and returned to dwell among the gods of Olympus. Boreas and his court looked forward to the time when summer's warmth would once again relinquish its hold on the realm and the frosty atmosphere of winter would prevail.


The Titans Organization are all former Princes of the North Winds.

Did You Know?
 The first Titan was
 "James Weyandt" in 1960.

 Up until 1970, Titan was a cousin
 of Boreas. He was from another
 Kingdom and known as
 "Prince of the Northern Lights" 
 In 1972 the Legend was rewritten
 and Titan became an official
 brother to Boreas. And the first
 Princess of the North Wind was picked. 

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 Titan's who became king's!
Ted Steichen 1987
Tom Huppert 1993
Dick Kedrowski 2003
Steve Schmidt 2005
Darrin Johnson 2020-21

Pictures from the Titan Brunch
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Titan Organization

Jason Denen



1960 James A. Weyandt *
1961 William Lawrence, Jr. *
1962 George W. Nelson *
1963 Daniel Muntean *
1964 Louis Schiavino *
1965 Don Esch *
1966 Edward Novak *
1967 Don Stecher *
1968 Dutch Delmonte *
1969 Edmund Hammernick *
1970 Frank Schneider *
1971 Tom Huppert *
1972 James H. Bradshaw *
1973 Milford Tobin *
1974 Eugene Fasciana
1975 Glenn L. Kloskin
1976 Sal LoBaido *
1977 Leonard "Red" Vanek *
1978 Norman C. Horton, Jr *
1979 Dan A. Jeans *
1980 David Howe
1981 Fred J. Keller *
1982 Chester Schoenrock *
1983 Charles Godbout
1984 Ted Steichen
1985 Donald Huot
1986 Greg M. Sheehan
1987 Ed Collova
1988 Joseph W. Nelson
1989 Eddie Hamernick
1990 Rob Linder *
1991 Lloyd Bergum *
1992 Dennis Prchal
1993 Tim Sager *
1994 Larry Haubrich
1995 Erv Grulkowski
1996 Darrin Johnson
1997 Steve Schmidt
1998 Dick Kedrowski *
1999 Paul Kamp
2000 James Long
2001 Bill Schorn
2002 Ernie Schroeder
2003 Michael Long
2004 Roger Vannelli
2005 Marcus Weyandt
2006 Dan Hatfield
2007 Brad Schmitt
2008 Mark Chapple
2009 Ron Bozich
2010 Troy Natus *
2011 Robert Westlund
2012 Jason Denen
2013 Mike Maranda
2014 Leo Yurek
2015 Daniel Linse
2016 Joe Gallagher
2017 Erik Peterka
2018 Bob Flood
2019 Doug Johnson
2020-21 Michael Sawyer
2022 Jeff Thron
2023 David Schmidt


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